5 Benefits Of A 12-Week Dental Assisting Course

5 benefits of 12 week dental assisting course

Most dental assisting courses are 10 months long and full time. Prices for these schools can be around $25,000 – $30,000. Our dental assisting course gets students ready to enter the workforce in as little as 12 weeks. Not only that, but our prices are a fraction of the cost. Being 12 weeks long also helps keep all the information you learned fresh in your head.

Below, we will go over 5 benefits that come with attending a 12-week dental assisting course vs a 10-month course.12-week dental assistant course


1.   Save Money with Our Dental Course

I know we said that our dental assisting course was a fraction of the cost compared to other schools, but that’s not the only way you’ll save money. Since our course is only 12 weeks long, you won’t have to drive to and from school as often as you would if you had to come 5 days a week for 10 months.


That’s a lot of gas money you will be saving! Driving less also means less money spent on vehicle maintenance. Also, if you ride share with Uber or Lyft, you’ll save a small fortune. Imagine how much money you’ll save on food! Saving money isn’t the only pro, you’ll also be able to make money while you learn a new skill. This leads us to our next point.


2.   Keep Your Day Job with Our Dental Course

Above, we went over how you can save money, now we’ll talk about how you can make money. It can be challenging to be a fulltime student while working. Many of us don’t have the luxury to not work and attend school fulltime. Our dental assisting school gives you the flexibility to work while you go to school.


We have classes twice a week at night. Many of our students work in the morning to early afternoon. We’ve taken your needs into consideration. We know that many of our students have jobs, and our schedule helps them keep their jobs while they attend school. We’re flexible and help you…


3.   Save Time with Our Dental Course

Speaking of flexibility, our dental assisting school saves you time. You’re in and out in only 12 weeks. That means you can start your career as a dental assistant a lot sooner than someone taking a ten-month course. You’ll spend less time in school and less time looking for a job. This doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a walk in the park though.


While our course is fast, it’s also challenging, but its worth it. We asked our students to describe Santa Clarita School of Dental Assisting. One student, Alan, said the school was “practical, fun [and] accessible”. Another one of our students, Marissa, stated that our school was “quick, fun [and] challenging”. We agree, our program is definitely fun, but it’s also challenging.


Challenges help you grow and become better, that’s what our school does. It provides a great learning environment that is fun but learning a new trade can be challenging, luckily, we’re ready to guide you through the whole process. Check out this video of our students to see that learning can be fun.



4.   Take Care of Your Kids/Responsibilities

Many of our students have children, and as we all know, kids need their parents constantly. We are absolutely filled with joy knowing that many of our students don’t have to sacrifice too much time away from their kids. On the contrary, if you attended a 10-month course, it would be very difficult to allocate time your babies.


Not everyone has kids, but we all have responsibilities. Maybe you have obligations to friends or loved ones. Perhaps you help your parents with a younger sibling(s). It could be as simple as making sure you take your dogs out for a walk and cleaning up after them. The two days a week we meet for class affords you flexibility to cater to your responsibilities.


5.   Work-Life Balance

I think this is everyone’s favorite word when it comes to work. Having balance in life is an absolute blessing. Our 12-week dental assisting course offers you balance. The two days of class are a few hours long and packed full of information and learning. But since you have the rest of the days off, you get time to let it all sink in.


You’re able to balance going to school, having a life, and taking care of your responsibilities. Our students come from all walks of life. From young adults fresh out of high school, to mothers with jobs and children. The one thing they have in common is that they’re able to balance their lives with school.


We’re honestly so proud that we’re able to meet our students’ needs.


So, there you have it, our dental assisting course is a lot shorter than many others. Our prices are a fraction of the cost, which reminds please feel to contact us to find out about our prices. They are subject to change, by contacting us you always get the most accurate information.

Anyways don’t just believe the hype I’m presenting to you, check out these testimonials to hear our students’ individual stories and experiences.

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